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Precision Management, Remarkable Results: Introducing TouchPoint

Welcome to TouchPoint, the catalyst for Contract and Labour Management excellence. Our groundbreaking solutions reshape the landscape of management processes, encompassing contractor onboarding, precision time and attendance tracking, meticulous compliance management, and beyond. Step into a world of simplicity that amplifies efficiency and empowers your team to achieve remarkable results.

Core Features

Effortless Contractor Onboarding

Streamline onboarding with TouchPoint. Vendors and labourers easily upload information to our portal, ensuring swift approval by your team. Experience a seamless process that maximizes efficiency.

Witness the Ease of Employee Time & Attendance Management

Upgrade from manual tracking to a seamless system for unprecedented contractor monitoring. Our solution effortlessly tracks check-in and check-out times. Choose between mobile app flexibility or secure biometrics-based systems tailored to your needs.

Relinquish Compliance and Training Concerns

Rest easy with TouchPoint's precise and efficient compliance solutions. We cover everything from ESI and GST certificates to medical tests and police verifications. Plus, our structured training schedules ensure workers are consistently up-to-date.

PPE Inventory Mastery & Vigilant Blacklisting

With TouchPoint, you can efficiently streamline the supervision of your workers' PPE inventory to ensure their comprehensive protection during work. In parallel, utilize our solutions for vendor and laborer blacklisting, along with a watchlist, to effortlessly maintain a secure environment and prevent untoward incidents.

Additional features

Your Partner for Efficient Workforce Management

Integration with Access Control

Our integration with access control enhances security and convenience, streamlining your workforce management processes

Document Management

We redefine convenience with one place to store and retrieve all your documents, from GST to ESI certificates.

Contract Renewals

Our system keeps a vigilant eye on contract renewal dates and sends timely reminders to ensure on-time renewals.

Unearth Our Company's Legacy

Discover the heart and soul of our company. At Cogent Innovations, our story is one of passion, purpose, and progress.

Welcome to Cogent Innovations Private Ltd., a distinguished member of the Cogent Group. Our core strength lies in our unwavering commitment to innovation and our unique perspective on addressing challenges. At Cogent, we are driven by our dedication to developing products that not only stand apart but are also finely tuned to cater to the specific needs of our users. We are committed to delivering solutions that exceed expectations and drive positive outcomes for our valued clients. Learn More

Got Questions? Look Here

What is TouchPoint's role in Contract and Labour Management?

TouchPoint revolutionizes contract and labour management by offering ingenious solutions that streamline every aspect of the process.

How does TouchPoint simplify contractor onboarding?

TouchPoint's contractor portal allows for hassle-free onboarding, eliminating tedious interactions and expediting approval processes.

How does TouchPoint address compliance and training requirements?

TouchPoint ensures precise and efficient compliance management, including ESI and GST verifications, medical tests, and police verifications. Additionally, our structured training schedules monitor periodic training needs.

Can I efficiently manage employee time and attendance with TouchPoint?

Yes, TouchPoint provides comprehensive solutions for tracking check-in and check-out times, ensuring compliance with schedules and work hours.

How does TouchPoint manage access control and document storage?

TouchPoint integrates with access control systems to enhance security and convenience. We also provide document management for storing and retrieving essential documents.

How does TouchPoint handle contract renewals?

TouchPoint's system monitors contract renewal dates and sends timely reminders to ensure on-time renewals.

What is the significance of PPE Inventory Monitoring and Blacklisting?

TouchPoint enhances worker safety by efficiently supervising PPE inventory. It also offers solutions for blacklisting vendors and laborers, along with watchlist features, to maintain a secure work environment.

How do I get started with TouchPoint for Contract and Labour Management?

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