Contract Management

Contract labourers are employees who are recruited for specific project in companies, either by or through an intermediary (Contractor). They do not fall under the same category as a company employee, although employing them might seem the same they differ vastly.

They often only work for a short period of time, they are hired for a certain project and once it is completed they leave the company.

When a company has to hire contract laborers in addition to their existing employees, the process of 'on-boarding' and 'off-boarding' can be When a company has to hire contract laborers in addition to their existing employees, the process of 'on-boarding' and 'off-boarding' can be complicated and rather time consuming. A manual process of handling and processing documents for these employees is almost impossible; the easiest and best way to manage contract labourers is out in place a contract laborers management system.

An entirely new system needs to be put in place to manage their 'on-boarding' and 'off-boarding' processes, a key aspect of this system is the effective and efficient use of time.

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The Contract Labour Management Software

has a number of features which reduces tedious paperwork, making the entire process streamlined and more efficient.
The entire process is divided into a number of segments which are managed by the software.

Contractor On-boarding (with or without approval workflow)

Contractor management software

This is a step in the Contractor Management Software; the system captures the details of the main contractor and contract workers with/without an approval workflow. It has an option of submitting a Gate Pass along with other documents like ID Proof, PF, Insurance, ESI, etc. A Unique Serial number is then created for each laborer. Additionally the system also captures fingerprints and runs verification check for blacklisted labourers.

  • Register-wise dynamic screen.
  • Option to capture the basic details of the contractor such as Name, telephone number, email address, etc.
  • User can also capture the Bank details, GST and Service Tax number, ESIC number, WCP number, etc.
  • User can configure Approval Workflow for contractor on-boarding.

Contract Labour On-boarding

This involves the processing of contract laborer information such as photos to address, a manual process would be very time consuming and unmanageable on a large scale. The contract management system makes this process simple and easy to access whenever they are needed. The system has an additional bulk upload feature which allows adding multiple entries in one go.

  • Register-wise dynamic screen
  • User can view, edit and delete the contract labours from the system
  • Capture the basic details of the contract labour like First Name, Last Name, Token or Pass Number, etc.
Contractor management software

Safety and Security

Contractor management software

Safety and security are key aspects in the functioning of any company, especially while handling a number of employees on a contract basis; these employees have to be properly vetted, if they pose a possible security risk these employees are blacklisted, with the contract management software this can be done with a click of a button.

  • Mark a Contract labour or Contractor as black listed with the reason for blacklisting.
  • Auto system alert on blacklisted contractor or contract labour on-boarding.
  • Approval Workflow can be configured for blacklisting the contractor or contract labour.

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