Visitor Management System

Touchpoint Visitor Management is futuristic web based software to manage visitors at office. It does away with the obsolete pen and paper system of gathering visitor information and brings in a professional approach to visitor management. No more scribbling in the visitor book, issuing used badges, calling the employee to inform of the visitor's arrival, unattended visitors in crowded reception areas and most importantly, worrying about security issues.

Touchpoint software comes with an unprecedented set of exciting features and is now available in several variants - Mobile apps, tablets, web links and kiosks.

Get ready to welcome your visitors!

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Management System

Touchpoint Material Gate Pass management Software tracks movement of all materials in your facility by tracking Inward and Outward movement of both Rrturnable and Non-Rrturnable goods. Features include multi level requests, approvals and material tracking at multiple check points like the Stores, Warehouse and Gate.

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Management System

Office management refers to the organisation and supervision of all administrative functions that facilitate the smooth running of the office. An efficient office management system ensures optimal resource utilisation and increases employee productivity.

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We got the excellent solutions for Visitor Management system of our office....