How pre-registration of visitors aids workplaces in mitigating COVID-19 threats

20 JUL 2021
Best Practices

As more workplaces reopen, visitor management systems (VMS) will become increasingly important in reducing COVID-19 risks.Now we will see some points as to how pre-registration of visitors assist organizations to reduce COVID-19 threats.

Visitor Aids Workplaces

Send out pre-registration email invitations

This may help limit contact between visitors and employees by requiring guests to register in advance as well as assisting the facilities team in ensuring safety.They can get an accurate sense of how many people will be in office throughout the day.

Pre-screen with health and safety questions

Questions about the visitor's health and travel history can be addressed as part of the pre-registration procedure. This can be done in the invitation email and then followed up on during the registration process on-site.Adding this layer of protection provides building managers with vital information to protect their facility.

Collecting information for contact tracing

Due of the present COVID-19 outbreak, there is an unprecedented requirement for contact tracking, and modern visitor management technologies are ideally positioned to help.

For accurate contact tracking against time-stamped movements, basic contact information such as phone number and email must be recorded. This information enables building administrators to contact guests who may have been infected.

Maintaining data privacy

All of these data must, however, be collected with a strong focus on privacy, without being unduly complicated or burdensome for the end user.

It is also important that historical reports that provide visitor details including location and contact information are all in compliance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other privacy regulations.

Managing Group Visits and Events in a Health and Safety-Compliant Manner

Registration, information-packet emails, badge design, and pre-planning are all included in full event management as well as integrated event admission and head-counting. Streamline group visits by allowing one lead visitor's name to be displayed first, followed by the names of the remaining visitors, allowing for quick and easy group or event check-in.

Take-home message

VMS not only allows building managers to see who is entering and exiting the premises but it also gives them the tools they need to safeguard in every contact.

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