How visitor management system is the heart of security in hospitals?

15 JUN 2021
Best Practices

Hospitals have the most vulnerable population, and they have complex security needs. Besides patients, there is the influx of visitors and employees. The problem is that though hospitals have certain security protocols in practice, they are not able to keep a check on all visitors. This is where the role of the modern age visitor management system arises. Though visitor management system was deployed even before the pandemic, its use is felt more than ever now. It enhances the security aspect of the hospitals without having a negative impact on the generous reception given to the visitors.

Visitor Management System

How to tackle the security challenges through a visitor management system?

The emergence of COVID-19 posed several new challenges to the hospitals. This comprises how to manage huge number of patients besides the entry of visitors. Now contact-free interactions are becoming the norm of the day in facilities like hospitals.

An efficient visitor management system can take up a pivotal role in proper screening in hospitals. The screening technique should be such that it not only verifies the identification but also performs on-the-spot health checks including temperature measurement.

  • The hospitals can pay attention to the number of visitors who enter or exit the hospital premises. The visitor will generate a gate pass via the portal or mobile app. Once they get the QR code or e-pass, they are allowed to check in.
  • A personalized health declaration form needs to be filled before the visitor enters the facility. The response provided in the form will be checked before handing the e-passes.
  • To fight the threat posed by the pandemic, an infrared thermal scan assists in recording the temperature and revealing medical issues. Hence, only healthy visitors will be allowed inside the premises according to the threshold limit.


Lets all fight this pandemic and do everything we can to enhance security protocols in places where vulnerable population are there, including hospitals. If you have an outdated visitor management system, upgrade it to an efficient one. The brighter side is that technology will help you in keeping your facilities secure.

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