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06 APR 2021
Best Practices

Best practices for workplace safety amidst COVID-19

Workplace safety is one of the crucial factors that make an organization respectable and trustworthy. Employees assess various parameters regarding a company, and the importance of workplace safety cannot be underestimated, especially amidst this testing time of COVID-19. Visitors are an essential factor for every organization, and there is a great need now more than ever for organizations to make the entry and exit of the visitors a hassle-free experience for both the company and the visitors.

Workplace safety

There is a meticulous process to be followed regarding visitor management. Here, visitor management software comes to the picture. Starting from maintaining a record of how many visitors have come to your organization to granting permission for the visitor by following certain rules, the present visitor management software is much better than the manual ones used before.

The transformation of digital visitor management system

It is no exaggeration to tell that web-based visitor management system is the first line of defence nowadays, also due to the fear caused by COVID-19. The organizations should consider giving visitor management as their top priority, and they should not hesitate to invest in a proper visitor management system with state-of-the-art features. Different organizations follow different visitor management software, but the way they have come up with their features, including the app workflow, will demonstrate which one is a cut above the rest.

There are two important points that show that a digital visitor management system is better than manual one. In fact, best practices can be implemented well through a digital one.

Minimal paperwork

The importance of minimal usage of paper has been stressed upon for some time now, and the visitor management software is a good example of this. The system is developed in such a way that it will obtain and store all the relevant information in a streamlined manner. There is no pain of searching for data laboriously; you just can quickly perform it in no time and subsequently export it.

Improved information security

The digital world is growing leaps and bounds constantly, and the safety of personal information demands great attention. If you are one of those companies that are still using the manual system to obtain the information, thereby creating chance for others to see all the records, then it is high time that you shift to digital visitor management system.

Now that we have seen the two important points that show the importance of having a digital visitor management system, lets see the major considerations to make the process smooth.

Make the process smooth by setting guidelines that are not vague

For example, when the visitor directly walks into your office, as an employee you will raise a request in the security gate. The visitor will get a message or an e-mail with some information regarding safety procedures to be followed. This streamlined approach will be useful in the present time.

Create a contingency plan

It is good if the entire visitor entry and exit process goes on smooth. However, you should also be prepared for certain possible situations including the visitor not wearing the masks. Hence, it is a good idea to keep extra masks so that the process is hassle-free.

With a bit of diligence and some planning for unforeseen situations, visitor management can be a smooth experience amidst COVID-19. The health of your staff and visitors is of paramount importance in this time of the pandemic, and hence think seriously about a well-structured one.

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