Top 3 complaints tenants in a multi-tenant facility have

31 MAY 2018
Best Practices

A facility with multi tenants is not easy to manage. It has all the problems of gate pass a normal building has and much more. And as the number of tenants increases so does the number of problems. Let's take a look at some of the key problems the tenants have that the facilities need to address immediately. If you're a facility owner, then this is for you.

Did the security taking messages follow it through?

So the security guard received a message from one of the tenants that they have a visitor coming to the facility next day; a rather simple message through an email. Nothing problematic about it. But imagine when the 50+ tenants send your guard 100s of mails regarding their inbound visitors.

There is 100% guarantee that something will go wrong somewhere in this extremely precarious process. For instance, which by the way is very common, the security misses the mail in a mess of so many other mails and therefore doesn't allow the visitor inside (at least not before putting up a little fight) The commonly followed solution to this problem is that the tenant writes another mail to the security informing the visitors arrival, who at this stage is clogging the already lengthy queue at the main gate.

This is just one of the problems among so many more. The source of such problems here is that the process is majorly human-dependent, and humans make mistakes. Guess who or what doesn't mistake? Nobody and Nothing; everyone and everything makes mistake. But with computers, the potential for committing mistakes can be brought down to a great level.

Did visitors leave the building?

This again is a security issue that should be at the top of priority list for both the facility management and the tenant. Most of the problems caused inside the facility are by overstaying visitors. They need to be promptly shown the way out as soon as their work is done.

Also keeping a count of how many people are in each building wouldn't hurt in case there is an emergency and people inside the facility need to be evacuated. It helps the facility management to efficiently carry out the evacuation process.

With no prior background check the potential threat to security

Not all visitors that come to the facility have an appointment. As a matter of fact, the majority of visitors are uninvited. And there are also events like mass walk-in interviews, where every single visitor is a stranger. In such cases, it is nigh impossible to conduct a background check on all the visitors. It will be time consuming.

And this drawback of multi-tenant facility is a major opening to security problems. Anyone can use the excuse of attending an interview or meeting a client can get into facility. And not everyone has good intentions.

As you might have noticed, barring the first question that deals with a tedious issue, the other two deals with security. And by briefly discussing these two questions, we are in a way only scratching the surface of the security concerns a million dollar facility faces.

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