Choosing the right Visitor Management System

01 NOV 2022
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A visitor management system refers to a specially designed management solution that helps a company keep track of the visitors that may check in at any particular time. The visitor management system creates a data base that provides all the related visitor information in one platform.

Visitor Management System

Different workspaces will have different requirements to be fulfilled in a visitor management system; few things to be kept in mind while choosing the right system are as follows:

1. Extent of automation:

Before installing any visitor management system it is essential for a company to determine the extent of automation they wish to install. This will directly influence the complexity or simplicity of the visitor management system. A highly automated visitor management system will drastically reduce labor costs but can prove to be more expensive to be designed and installed. An automated visitor management system also gives an image of professionalism to the firm image in the eyes of the visitor.

2. Budget and cost considerations:

Each visitor management system can be assisted with multiple features that will reduce manual work but will require certain maintenance. A company should be able to clearly decide which kind of costs it wishes to endure between labor and technology.

3. Type of visitors:

The types of visitors that check in vary in each industry and workplace. In a factory it is more common for the visitors to be vendors with raw materials and heavy loads while in an office the visitors may be interested stakeholders. The type of visitors directly influences the required features in the visitor management system.

4. Expectations:

The desired expectations of the visitor management system and level of efficiency should be clearly understood to arrive at the perfectly customized visitor management system. A clear communication of the expectations can go a long way in understanding and selecting the right system.

5. Speed:

Analyzing and determining the speed of entry for the visitors is important as it creates the basis for a hassle free check in and check out process, which is one of the main features of a good visitor management system. Having a highly automated system will reduce the manual inputs, errors and delays and create a faster check in process.

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