How Can I Implement A Web-based Visitor Management System?

01 JAN 2021
Best Practices

In critical times like Covid-19, with the Corona virus still spreading, it is essential to follow social distancing. Hence, every organization should implement a web-based visitor management system for security and safety concerns.

The web-based visitor management system works on the web and could be accessed from anywhere in the world with appropriate login credentials required to access the information.

Visitor Management System

So how do you set up a web-based visitor management system for your organization? How will it function? If these questions lurk when you have to choose a web-based visitor management system among so many then look no further.

1. Touchless Check-In & Check-Out

In order to adhere to Covid-19 compliance, Facial recognition, Mask Detection, Temperature scans can be provided by the AI (Artificial Intelligence) which has to be set up at the office entrance.

2. Streamline Visitor Management

Pre-registration passes could be sent to the repeat/upcoming visitors. Pass verification could be done with the help of QR codes in the event of declaration forms or document verification is needed.

3. Assign e-Badges

Customise the accessibility rights of every visitor by enabling Approve/Deny access to certain areas and capacities through the e-badges.

4. Schedule & Manage meetings

In order to manage the visitor workflow effectively, a collective data from all the stakeholders and their appointment details can be collected to organise the upcoming meetings and personal interactions at the workplace.

5. Reports & Data Exportation

The stakeholders or the person in charge can automate customised reports that help to make a well-informed decision to enhance the workplace safety.

6. Integration with Core Business Softwares

The web-based application would interact with the core business softwares as well with the specialised API configurations.

Therefore, an organisation can effectively identify, track and monitor its visitors’ movement in and out of their office premise on a daily basis with ease.

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