Meeting Room Booking Software – A Pandemic Necessity

19 OCT 2020
Best Practices

Businesses must navigate the financial and operational challenges of coronavirus while rapidly addressing the needs of their people and customers.

Meetings are a necessary part of business, but what isn’t necessary is the amount of time spent arranging them and the needless contact of people. By replacing manual booking methods with meeting room booking software, it can have a direct impact on overall performance and financial standing. Employees should be able to log in and book meetings, even when they’re away from the office. This will help your people in maintaining social distance and prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Key benefits:

Maximizes productivity

Users can quickly view available meeting rooms, invite attendees, and review useful details about each meeting room, such as their maximum capacity and floor plans. This helps your employee to focus on the most important things by saving a lot of time.

Hassle-free experience

In this COVID-19 situation, it is safe to avoid contact with people unnecessarily. So if a meeting is changed or cancelled, the attendees are notified immediately. This will provide them enough time to reschedule their meetings and prevent them from visiting the meeting room frequently.

Prevents double booking errors

Double bookings are a common error. This can be avoided as it will provide the users up-to-date meeting information and automatically detect and prevent users from booking rooms that already have meetings.

Better utilisation of existing resources

A good meeting room booking software will generate reports about room usage. This will help the users in planning things like the number of rooms needed in an office and the size of each meeting room.

Coronavirus pandemic has become a tech-opener for organisations. Digitalization is the only way to provide new revenue and value-producing opportunities. Using a centralized meeting booking system that can be accessed from any location, over any connection, and on any device is critical as working remotely is becoming mainstream.

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