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15 JAN 2021
Best Practices

As the winds of change sweep the political and commercial scenario in the country ‘security’ has become a buzz word on Indian streets. The demand for management of a security desk in multi complex residence buildings, has steadily increased. Thanks to the availability of Visitor Management systems like TouchPoint, building associations and maintenance committees need look no further!

Visitor Management System

Who makes this work?

Building Managers, Superintendents, Security Guards, in fact any person that assists multiple complex residents in monitoring the flow of visitors in residence buildings can now have a system to track and monitor inward and outward flow of visitors to residences ensuring a hundred percent secure service to all residents within the building.

Visitor Management just went to a whole new level

With the growing spate of crimes caused by a lack of proper security tools for residents, solutions like TouchPoint have taken visitor management to a whole new level! Gone are the days when boring and time consuming manual logs were maintained only in a hand full of corporate trying to track flow of visitors. Today, the winds of change have made it a MUST for every multi complex residence building in the city and suburbs.

With TouchPoint you can now record all relevant information about a visitor, which is automatically captured in a database. This is followed by ID scanning and a professional quality visitor badge/pass is printed. The badge printing software is seamlessly integrated into the module.

TouchPoint’s visitor tracking software is so easy to understand and operate and has the additional feature of vernacular translation of the fields that can be effortlessly manipulated by most security personnel.

How you benefit

If you are on the Management of one of the Associations or Committees of a multi complex residence TouchPoint’s electronic visitor management systems can help to sign-in and track visitors who come to visit any resident in your facility. The following are some of the numerous benefits to having an electronic visitor management system over a manual visitor sign-in book.

Capture of accurate details: Via TouchPoint information is recorded more uniformly and correctly than if it were done manually in a log book. Since the security personnel will be typing in the information or scanning a driver’s license/business card, the data will be entered with the same accuracy for every visitor.

Complete compiled Reports: Visitor information that is stored in the computer database, allows the operating personnel to search, sort, analyze, and retrieve visitor data for any given time frame. Visitor activity reports can be generated. These reports can be used to tell how many times a visitor signed-in, signed-out, who they were there to see, etc. That information is critical during security investigations or to audit billings of building maintenance vendors and contractors. In the case of an evacuation, the reports can tell you which visitors were present at the time of the emergency.

Smooth and quick operations: The business card scanner will speed up the time it takes to sign a visitor in. A quick and smooth operation is ensured in collecting the necessary information to record a visit to the facility.

Scheduling or Pre-registering your visitor: When you know of a particular visitor due to arrive for a meeting, their information can be added to the system ahead of time (scheduling or pre-registration), which speeds up the sign-in process when the visitor actually arrives.

Photo feature: Legible visitor badges are quickly printed and a photo can be added to the badge for further identification while your visitor is in the facility. TouchPoint visitor management system photos can also be used in investigating security breaches, to further identify any person.

Recurring visitors: Frequent visitors are recognized immediately. All visitor information is saved in the system. This allows frequent visitors to be signed in with very little time or effort because the system remembers them. If a returning visitor was a security problem in the past, the Security Department can be alerted instantly.

So we’ve seen above how a Visitor Management solution is definitely a MUST for a multi complex residence building. In this day and age managing movement of visitors is a piece of cake when you use a solution like TouchPoint. This solution is designed in such a way that it provides a smooth, flawless, holistic system to efficiently manage visitors.

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