Top benefits of an effective material gate pass management system

09 APR 2021
Best Practices

A gate pass management system is an innovative way of not using manual method but using automation for the total gate pass control process. There is no need for paperwork, and time taken is also less.

Gate Pass Management System

Need for material gate pass management system

• Material handling is an essential element of an organization, and you can efficiently keep track of several materials diligently. All gate passes are processed on the system, and approvals are hassle-free

• The need for privacy in an organization cannot be underestimated. If you wish to enhance the security of your organization, then you should definitely adopt agate pass management software

• Flexibility is the key to any good material gate pass management system. You can include any number of approving authorities using this software

• A good material gate pass management system helps you to track the progress of materials. There is also the benefit of generating emails or SMS alerts to the specific authorities

• Material Request number is an important aspect of material management system. Now there is the ease of supervising the quantity through this software

• A good material gate pass management system can even go to the extent of giving the responsibility of every inventory to separate employees

• There will also be an option for centralized material tracking through this automated software. The comprehensive web-based solution doesn’t give you the pain of maintaining paper records

• Return of materials should be tracked diligently. With the help of this software, you will get an acknowledgement of return

• The material handling needs differ from organization to organization. As per these needs, any type of gate pass software can be made for specific requirements

• Several material gate pass management systems come with cloud-based and mobile-based features. This will go a long way in tracking the materials any time and from any location


Paper passes are not mostly embraced by present-day organizations. They want to make use of state-of-the-art technologies for their gate pass management. This is more so because manual procedures are a major threat to the organizational security. A material gate pass management system greatly reduces the risks caused by a manual system. There are several material gate pass management software that are most appropriate for the specific needs of schools, colleges, hospitals, residential buildings etc

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