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There’s nothing as too many safety precautions when it comes to the security of children. That’s why it is advised for schools to set up an efficient visitor management system to ensure the utmost safety for the innocent children. With an efficient safety screen in place, you can eliminate threats posed by child offenders, callous staff and other people who many harm any child. TouchPoint is designed keeping in mind all the safety requirements of school children. With this visitor management system in place, parents and management can breathe easy knowing that they have set up a good protection system for the children.

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    TouchPoint School Visitor Management System Features:

  • Maintains separate data base for children, staff, vendors and guardians.
  • Module design correlates knowledge base of children and guardians to verify the right person has come to collect the child from school.
  • Track the movements of the school busses and cabs.
  • GPS set up in school vehicles can track the exact location and speed of each and every vehicle.
  • Generates ID badges for visitors, contractors and vendors.

    Benefits of TouchPoint School Management Module:

  • Helps create a safe and secure environment for children.
  • Keeps track of visitors and guests in the school premises.
  • Prevents visitors from going into unauthorized areas.
  • Information such as child offenders, kidnapers and other details can be fed into the data base.
  • Has plenty of built-in and customizable features.
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